SpyBubble Review – Spy Bubble Coupon Code

2012 February 13

SpyBubble ReviewAre you tired of not knowing what your employees, children, spouse, or significant other are up to? Are you suspicious and think they might be hiding something? If so, then SpyBubble might be the best solution for you.

SpyBubble is a cell phone spying software system that allows you to log in from any computer and monitor almost every smartphone which includes BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian OS smartphones. You install it on your family, friends, partners, or employees phones and everything on that phone can be traced right from your computer at home.

SpyBubble Reviews – SpyBubble includes the following spy features:

  • Call Tracking – This spying feature lets you view all incoming and outgoing call information. You will see call direction, phone number, date, and time of each call made/received on the Phone that has SpyBubble installed.
  • SMS Tracking – This SpyBubble sms spying feature lets you read all incoming and outgoing sms messages. This works even if the sms messages have been deleted. You will also get to see time, date and who or to whom the message was sent to.
  • GPS Location Tracking – Using this spy feature, you can secretly track any cell phone. You will get both current and historical tracking logs, with the results appearing on a map so you’ll know exactly where they are
  • Phonebook Access – SpyBubble lets you see EVERY phone number that’s registered on the memory of the phone!
  • Email Tracking – With Email Tracking SpyBubble will log each and every incoming and outgoing email in case they are trying to hide something via email.
  • URL Tracking – Spy Bubble logs all URLs the user has visited in the cell phone browser… you’ll be able to see if someone has been viewing something they shouldn’t be viewing!
  • Photo Tracking – This new SpyBubble feature will show you all the photos snapped on the cell phone. The photos are then uploaded to your SpyBubble account where you can then download them at any time.
  • 100% UNDETECTABLE – You can do all these spying without being detected! There is no sound, icon or anything at all in the target phone. No chance they will find out SpyBubble is on their phone. SpyBubble is 100% undetectable!

SpyBubble – How Does It Work?

The way it works is simple: Simply install the application directly onto the device and it starts every time the phone is turned on. The invisible application remains stealth and doesn’t show up in the running processes. Silently records EVERYTHING including full SMS messages, call info, GPS locations, web sites visited, contacts added and more. Logs are then sent directly to your spybubble account. This way, you can read the results at home on your computer or on your Smartphone while you’re away.

The spy bubble installation process is very quick and easy – Spybubble provides you with a download link. You enter that URL into your target phone’s web browser and it will automatically install a small application onto the phone. That’s it. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to use it. Everything is step-by-step, illustrated, and easy for you to follow.

Spy Bubble Coupon Code For 2013 : 30% OFF

The regular price for the Spy Bubble Software (Lifetime License) is $149.95 which is on sale now for $49.95 (this is 66% discount). However, I have negotiated an additional 30% discount for my website’s visitors so you can get the Lifetime License for only $35. One time payment, no monthly fees or hidden costs.

** Update June 2013: Sorry, this offer has expired and all coupon codes are no longer valid. But spybubble is still on sale for $49 which is a great deal. To purchase visit: http://www.spybubble.com/cell-phone-spy.php

Here’s How to Get This Great Deal:

1) Simply click on this DISCOUNT link will take you to the Spy Bubble order page in 2 seconds to get you started!

2) Enter the coupon code “spy30” in the coupon code box and then hit the “Recalculate” button to receive your discount. You will then see the words “30% off for spybubblereviewscam.com users” appear next to the box and you can proceed to enter your payment details. (Remember, this offer is for a LIMITED time only.)

SpyBubble Discount Code

Here’s What You Should Do RIGHT NOW!

  1. Register with SpyBubble
  2. Pay the one time fee of $35 (Add SpyBubble Priority Customer Support for $9.95)
  3. Login to the members area
  4. Install SpyBubble onto the desired phone/s
  5. Start Spying!

Can This Be Used On All Phones?

SpyBubble works extremely well on the majority of new popular phones including all BlackBerry, iPhone, Android os, and Symbian (most Nokia, Sony, and Samsung) phones. It works with almost any smartphone.

Does SpyBubble Work In My Country?

SpyBubble works in any part of the world and support all languages. If you can use a smartphone in your country, you can install SpyBubble on it and monitor it.

How Do I Receive The Software?

In order to use spybubble services you need to sign-up (Click here). Once your purchase is complete you’ll receive an email with all of your account details, including the website address to download the software from. You can download the software directly into the Target phone at any time. Please make sure that email from spybubble are not sent to your junk or spam folder.

SpyBubble Reviews –  Conclusion

Overall, SpyBubble is a great product for monitoring mobile phone usage and activity. It lets you do everything it claims and truly goes undetected. The good thing is if for some reason you’re not fully happy with Spy Bubble, you may return it for a full money back guarantee. So there’s nothing to lose.

Last Word

I hope you’ve found this Spy Bubble Review helpful! If you’re using SpyBubble at this time and want to share your experience, you can review SpyBubble or submit your testimonial here. Your feedback can help someone else to decide. Thanks!

If you’re looking for reviews of the spybubble phone spy software, find them below. The spybubble reviews and comments are from real users. Please do ask to clarify any uncertainties and all suggestions and comments are most welcomed. Just leave comment and I’ll try to make response ASAP.

Happy Spying!

SpyBubble Review – The Best Spy Phone Software

2010 October 25

If you looking for ways to to monitor your teen’s sms, track employee mobile phone usage, or spy on a cheating spouse? In that case, then SpyBubble can be the right solution available for you!

What exactly is SpyBubble?
SpyBubble is the only mobile spy application that can spy on any mobile phone, remotely read SMS/texts, check calls, and track GPS location. You are able to remove any confusion or doubt by receiving genuine proof of what someone is doing and even saying. SpyBubble uses its powerful mobile phone monitoring technology to provide you with the thing you need… The truth! It’s a powerful mobile phone monitoring software program that tracks and records all information instantly which can be viewed from any computer on the planet.

How does SpyBubble work?

This mobile phone monitoring software tool uses state of the art technology that monitors and records all of the activity on the target phone. After that it sends all the details to a remote server were it is stored for you. There’s nothing complicated about SpyBubble. Everything you should do is to install the software onto the target phone you need to spy on. Installation is simple and only takes minutes. After that you can begin tracking the details of your target phone.

The Facts about SpyBubble

SpyBubble is undetectable, and goes completely under the radar on the target phone. Once installed, it’s not possible to detect SpyBubble on the target phone. It doesn’t create any sounds or icon on the phone. There is nothing that indicates that SpyBubble is active and sending data out. This mobile spy software works on almost every smartphone and most Blackberry models on the market. It also works with multiple phones, which enables you to track as many phones as you wish.

SpyBubble also work in any country. You don’t need to open or modify your own mobile phone. You do not even have to connect it to any computer. You just need the phone’s identification number, which can easily be found in the battery compartment.

Mobile phone spyware is becoming rapidly one of the most demanded types of mobile applications today. This is especially true for parents, company owners, and spouses who think something suspicious may be going on. Due to the features that SpyBubble offers, all these groups find it an ideal solution to their problem.

As an example, parents are always worried about where their teenagers may be ending up. This is a common concern, but one that kids will find intrusive and restraining. However, in today’s society, it is quite common for teens to own their own cell phones, like a Blackberry or iPhone. As these phones legally belong to their parents (most likely they bought them), the parents are free to install mobile phone spy software on them. This enables their parents to know the location of their children at all time by using Google Maps, a feature of SpyBubble.

The reason why you Need Spy Bubble?

  • Track the whereabouts of your children/teenagers
  • A employee seems to acting suspicious
  • You suspect your spouse/partner may be cheating.

It is a software program that will help you to log in from any computer and supervise almost any smartphone or Blackberry instantly. After installing SpyBubble on the target phone, you can then monitor the phone activity from home. Using a username and a password of your choice, you are able to get the information below (in the next section) without being detected.

If you want to monitor the mobile phone activity of someone close to you, then it is highly recommend for you to Try SpyBubble. This is currently the best mobile phone spy software that can read SMS/texts, check calls and track GPS locations! Need to make sure your target phone is compatible with SpyBubble? Check out the SpyBubble Review on the site’s main page.

Does SpyBubble Software Work?

2010 October 18
by admin

Everyone has something they like too much. For a few people, it’s video gaming. For other people, it’s dogs. Yet for other people, it’s cars. For me, it’s mobile phones. And no, I do not have an apple iphone 4 yet, although I have read lots about this and I’ve a strong opinion about it, but that is a matter of another article.

In this one, I wish to discuss a common question that individuals come to ask me regarding cell spy software: “Does SpyBubble software work?” I need to confess that at first, I really didn’t know of the answer. There are lots of mobile applications available in the market, and with new applications coming out everyday, it can be fairly easy to miss a couple. However, being the fan of cell phones that I am, I began to research more information about SpyBubble software and eventually bought it for myself.

So, does Spy Bubble work? Unpredictably, yes, it does. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but after trying it myself, I had been nicely surprised. The features work as promised and the application is very easy to use. I have seen company systems that are harder to navigate, and they’re supposedly made easy to use so that even employees with little computer skills can use them.

Now, unlike other mobile applications, which you get due to the features it has, spy bubble software is bought due to the results it promises. You actually don’t purchase it to see the calls that the phone has made but to discover if your husband is having an affair. You do not really worry about reading your son’s texts. You’d like to learn if he’s in contact with drug dealers.

So, I will add a few specific questions of my own. Does spyBubble software work to keep an eye on your kids? You bet it does. I realized that this is the most efficient use of the software. Does mobile phone spy software work to keep your husband from cheating? It’s possible. It’s not going to prevent your husband from cheating, but it enables you to catch him right away.

Lastly, does spyBubble software work to keep employees from stealing from you? Yes, albeit depending on the number of employees you’ve, it’s really a bit costly. Still, you will get around this by only monitoring some key or suspicions employees. Anyway, this is my take on spyBubble software. I think you will find it useful and Click here for a $120 discount at SpyBubble now!

How to Install SpyBubble

2010 October 18
by admin

Installing SpyBubbe on your cellphone is very easy, like 1-2-3. First, you’ll need to complete your registration. (Remember to use spybubble coupon code to easily get 30% discount). Once you have your Username and Password, follow the steps below. You don’t need to connect your phone to your computer to install. Your mobile should have Internet running.

Note: This is a basic guide to installing spybubble on an android phone. You’ll get all the details once you purchase it, with links to download the software along with a step by step Installation guide.

1. On the target phone, press the Home key, then on the screen of icons select Settings -> Applications and enable the “Unknown Sources” box. Make sure the box has a green check mark.

2. Now press the Home key again and go to Market. Now pressing MENU and select “Search” for the free application “apkinstaller”.

3. Select the “apkInstaller” entry and select the Install button at the bottom. Select OK to finish the installation of apkInstaller. You can remove this application when SpyBubble starts working.

4. Now open the web browser on phone by hitting the Home –> “Browser”. Hit the “MENU” key and select “Go”. Then inside the address bar, type http://www.spybubble.com/android/bubb.apk. Press “Go”. When the file downloads it will be strored on the sdcard automatically.

5. Now again Press Home and select “ApkInstaller” application that we installed. Then inside ApkInstaller, go to the “Download” directory of sdcard, select the “bubb.apk” and press “INSTALL”. Choose Package Installer to install the application.

6. Once installation is completed, reboot the phone. After reboot, login to the SpyBubble site with Username and Password. You will enjoy the real magic.

Please note that if the IMEI you entered at time of registration does not match with the IMEI of the phone where you installed the application, Software will not work properly.